Ambassador visits Fijian crew in Indonesian

June 3, 2024 2:33 pm

Ambassador Yauvoli and Mrs Yauvoli with Nauru shipping container vessel "Micronesia Pride" Fijian crew in Cirebong, Indonesia [Source: Fiji Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Facebook]

Fiji’s Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia Amenatave Yauvoli, as part of his consular engagements across Indonesia, visited 14 Fijian citizens working as crew for the Nauru shipping container vessel, Micronesian Pride, at their dry dock base in Cirebon, Indonesia.

The vessel crew has been in Indonesia for the past two months as the container vessel undergoes maritime maintenance and seaworthiness tests before setting sail for Fiji.

The Fijian citizens have been hosted by Ambassador Yauvoli and the Mission staff in Jakarta on a number of occasions and are in high spirits.

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Ambassador Yauvoli with Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) Executive Directors at JCLEC Semarang, Indonesia

Ship engineer Oscar Whippy says the ambassador’s visit was a welcome one as Indonesia has become a home away from home for them, and meeting and spending time with fellow Fiji citizens abroad was always a joyous occasion.

Ambassador Yauvoli says the welfare of Fiji citizens abroad is always paramount to the mission.

The Ambassador also visited the Fiji Police officers attending the International Management of Serious Crime (IMOSC) program at the prestigious Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.