Plans to boost nightlife activities

December 9, 2023 7:36 am

The Ministry of Tourism has embarked on a new initiative to develop plans for nightlife activities.

The industry believes that the country is lagging behind on this, although the tourist industry is thriving economically.

With the New Year approaching, the focus is on creating unique and compelling nightlife attractions.

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Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka outlines initiatives including the introduction of night markets and distinctive dining experiences.

“Lumina Walk is one of the night markets that can be found in some parts of Asia. After dinner, you walk down the street. So you take a bus and go to any go-to markets at night. You see local products and creative arts.”

Gavoka also emphasizes the revival of authentic performances.

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill highlights the importance of incorporating sporting events into the nightlife offerings.

“And what we’re trying to do as well is attract events like the World Surf League, rugby events, and so on that can be played at night as well.”

The ministry is gearing up for an exciting transformation of its nightlife offerings, with a focus on innovation and diversity.