Minister advocates for Agricultural Reforms and Diversification

January 20, 2024 4:25 pm

[File Photo]

Minister for Sugar, Charan Jeath Singh, has outlined a vision for the transformation of the sugar industry, emphasizing the need for agricultural reforms and diversification.

Singh highlighted the importance of optimizing land use and focusing on efficient cane production to ensure the industry’s viability.

The minister stressed the importance of reforming traditional practices and educating farmers on more efficient and sustainable approaches.

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Sugar Minister, Charan Jeath Singh 

Singh aims to instil a mindset that promotes not just the expansion of land under sugar cane but also the optimization of existing resources.

“We are trying to bring this type of education among the farmers that the industry can survive without having the entire Fiji into sugar cane farming. Before talking about ethanol and refinery, I want the farmers to increase sugar cane production. That’s when we can consider the viability of other associated industries,”

Singh envisions a diversified sugar industry, exploring opportunities such as ethanol production and refinery.

However, he emphasized the immediate goal of increasing sugar cane production from the current 1.6 million tons to at least 3.5 million tons before venturing into additional industries.

The minister’s approach reflects a strategic and phased plan to revitalize the sugar industry by empowering farmers, optimizing production, and exploring avenues for sustainable diversification.