FCCC urges reporting of supermarket product quality issues

July 10, 2024 6:36 am

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has called on consumers to report concerns about product quality in supermarkets to the relevant agencies.

FCCC Chief Executive Joel Abraham states the Commission along with the Consumer Council and the Trade Ministry is dedicated to addressing consumer complaints and monitoring social media for issues.

However, he says direct reporting is imperative to promptly address concerns.

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FCCC Chief Executive Joel Abraham

Abraham states that as Fiji’s consumer protection enforcement agency, competition regulator, economic regulator, price regulator and licensing agency, the FCCC aims to keep markets informed, encourage fair trade and protect consumers and businesses from unfair practices.

Over the past year, he highlights that the Food Safety Taskforce, established by Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica has identified significant food safety issues.

“Yes, we will go out and do enforcement, yes we will pick out the rogue elements in society, yes we will take whoever we can take to court and charge them but the question is how do you stop it on a day to-day basis, you stop it on a day to day basis by achieving consumer solidarity.”

Abraham emphasizes the need for heightened consumer vigilance.

The FCCC highlights that food safety is a collective responsibility involving the government, private sector, media and consumers.

It advises consumers to report issues directly to the appropriate agencies rather than relying solely on social media.

Abraham says that enforcement agencies are committed to creating policies through consultative exercises and forums and taking enforcement actions against rogue societal elements.

He adds that the FCCC stresses the importance of consumer and media engagement in holding businesses accountable and ensuring food safety.

It encourages consumers to take an active role in daily prevention, fostering consumer solidarity for a safer market environment.