Netball Australia conducts workshops for local coaches

March 7, 2024 7:20 am

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Netball Australia is currently hosting a three-day coaching workshop involving Netball Fiji’s top national coaches.

The workshop commenced on Tuesday with five Australian coaches hoping to impart their knowledge of netball to our local coaches.

Netball Australia’s Nations Engagement Lead, Ali Munro, says that Fijians are talented and skillful but with proper guidance, they will reach greater heights.

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“We are excited and thrilled to be here in Fiji this week. We have been just blown away by the passion and the love Fiji has for netball. I think for me, in terms of the workshop, it is really exciting to be amongst our Fijian brothers and sisters and sharing this learning.”

Munro adds that she has been enjoying the workshop so far as the local coaches are really easy to work with.

The workshop is set to end today with five local coaches hoping to guide and impart their learning to all the players they coach.