Only one confirmed transfer so far: Yusuf

January 18, 2024 4:59 pm

Fiji FA CEO Mohammed Yusuf

Fiji Football has clarified that the only transfer application that has been successful so far in this pre-season window is of Rusiate Matarerega.

Matarerega has transferred to Nadroga FC from Suva FC.

Fiji FA CEO Mohammed Yusuf adds that there are some players seeking transfers but are still contracted under their current teams.

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He is urging players and districts to read their contracts and also the Fiji FA transfer legislation before making decisions.

Yusuf has also clarified that no players can seek a transfer just within six months but will have to serve the whole season with the team.

“Because our new legislation passed prohibits players from moving districts within six months. If you took a transfer in January, you cannot take another transfer in July, you can go in the next January.”

Yusuf has also urged districts not to approach contracted players as this is a breach and can land them in trouble.

Meanwhile, Filipe Baravilala and Jovilisi Borisi are expected to feature for Navua in the new season.