Governance issues plague Suva FA

April 22, 2024 12:29 pm

Intiaz Khan, Inosi Cava and Mohammed Yusuf

The Suva Football Association executive members are set to appear before Fiji Football Association’s Chief Executive, Mohammed Yusuf, tomorrow regarding the ongoing governance issues plaguing the association.

This comes as frustrated fans, players, and coach Inosi Cava have voiced their concerns on the route being taken by Acting President Intiaz Khan.

Speaking to FBC Sports, Yusuf says that he has called for a meeting with the members to discuss everything regarding the association.

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“We will discuss; there are a lot of governance issues and other issues-disrepute of football through social media and all that, so we will talk and discuss.”

Yusuf also mentions that he will be meeting the players either on Wednesday or Thursday regarding this matter.

Yusuf further states that he will make a report and submit it to the Fiji FA Board of Control after his meeting with the Suva FA officials and players to determine their fate.

“I will make a report and the BOC [Board of Control] will be meeting in Nadi this Saturday where we will discuss Suva FC’s problems and all that before we make a decision.”

After Suva’s 5-2 loss to Nadroga in the Digicel Fiji Premier League yesterday, coach Inosi Cava took to social media to express his frustration.

He criticized the President, Initiaz Khan, for being very dominating in terms of naming the final squad and making decisions without consulting the current coaches.

Cava adds that Khan was to blame for the loss yesterday and will be if he remains as the association’s President.

Last year Khan had walked out as Labasa coach during the Inter District Championship, claiming interference from officials including President Rayaz Khan.

We have reached out for a comment from Intiaz and Cava but have not been able to get a response.