Follow player transfer guidelines: Khan

January 4, 2024 12:41 pm

Suva Football Association president Intiaz Khan

Football districts and players need to follow the rules in terms of player transfers.

This was highlighted by Suva Football Association president Intiaz Khan following reports that some players in the Whites camp are planning to move to other districts this year.

Khan says it is distressing to hear such reports and it reeks of some players and district officials not following Fiji Football Association transfer policies.

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“There is a rule from Fiji Football that its either the players or the officials from other associations, they have to touch the officials of respective districts and then the negotiations start. You cannot go directly to the players and say we want to release this player and that because majority of players, not only in Suva, are contracted. The rule applies that those who played in the offseason cannot leave.”

Khan says he has clarified the matter with the Fiji FA and urges other districts not to waste their time and efforts in poaching players from Suva.

Meanwhile the player transfer window will close at the end of this month.