Krishna scores winner in leg one of semifinal

April 24, 2024 6:50 am

[Source: Odisha FC]

Krishna scores winner in leg one of semifinal

Fiji’s football sensation Roy Krishna scored a goal for Odisha FC as they beat Mohun Bagan 2-1 in leg one of their Indian Super League semi-final this morning.

Krishna and Carlos Delgado’s goals helped the team maintain their unbeaten streak before they head into the second leg of the last four clash at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on Monday.

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The Digicel Bula Boys captain has completed 15 out of 23 attempted passes plus a tackle and a clearance each in addition to crossing twice.

Krishna scored the winner but refused to celebrate in respect of his former team.

Odisha will take on Mohun Bagan at 2am on Monday for leg two of the semi-final.

Odisha FC remain unbeaten at home following their 2-1 win against Mohun Bagan SG in the first leg of the semi-final 1.