Fatiaki hopes to bag few medals

March 9, 2024 7:33 am

Suva Muslim College athlete Wilson Fatiaki

Suva Muslim College athlete Wilson Fatiaki is geared up to compete in the upcoming Zone meet, and possibly the Coca-Cola games.

He recently competed in the 400m, 200m, and 4x100m events at a combined interhouse event with Gospel High School yesterday.

Fatiaki expresses gratitude for the support from his school in pursuing his athletics goals this year, promising to make the most of it.

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“My goal this year is compete at the Coke games so to all schools out there, do get ready. I’ll be on my way. It’s very wonderful to run in the tracks after 8 years I’ve been in the tracks, it’s a very good day today and I’m very happy to be running for SMC.”

The Tuvalu lad hopes to make his school proud by winning medals in this year’s highly anticipated Coca-Cola games.

Meanwhile, the school has earmarked about 30 athletes who will represent them at this year’s zone meet.