Women farmers rally for action

December 5, 2023 12:22 pm

Women farmers from Navua expressed grave concerns today during a consultation with a government task force, particularly focusing on poor drainage.

The farmers highlighted the detrimental impact of inadequate drainage, which leads to floods damaging their farms.

Fane Raravula, the representative of the Lady Farmers Association, emphasized the ongoing struggles faced by six clusters of women farmers across Wainadoi to Pacific Harbour, despite efforts to boost productivity

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“For us really it’s the drainage problem especially in the Navua area.”

Shoman Lingam echoed similar drainage challenges.

“I had planted some cucumber and already is destroyed, the dalo and cassava too-now that’s ready to pull out, and some of the cassava is already rotten.”

This taskforce will be engaging with landowners and farmers and this consultation aims to address long-standing concerns regarding land leases, renewals and premium matters.