WAF commits to providing clean water

April 11, 2024 6:11 am

The Water Authority of Fiji is dedicated to enhancing water infrastructure, promoting water conservation practices, and improving access to clean water and proper sanitation for every Fijian household, particularly those in rural communities by 2030.

While officiating at the World Water Day event in Tavua, Water and Sewerage Director Mohammed Khan emphasized the government’s commitment to integrating water management goals into its National Development Plan to achieve this target.

Khan acknowledged that this struggle would not be easy, given the challenges posed by aging infrastructure.

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“In terms of access to clean water and sanitation is a challenge given factors such as growing population, more water intensity from increased rainfall and pollution. To address this, the government works to collaborate with key development partners to ensure that everyone have access to safe and clean drinking water and not one is left behind.”

To address these challenges, Khan stated that WAF would collaborate with relevant agencies to provide the necessary services while contributing to sustainable development in terms of water infrastructure.

This collaborative effort underscores WAF’s determination to ensure that all Fijians have access to clean water and proper sanitation, aligning with global initiatives to achieve water-related Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.