Viria Water Project to be ready by July

February 10, 2023 6:26 am

WAF Chief Infrastructure Delivery Officer Sourav Majumter.

The new Viria Water Project is set to come online in July this year.

Water Authority of Fiji Chief Infrastructure Delivery Officer Sourav Majumter says the project costs $270 million.

The project’s design, build, and operations are currently 76.3 percent complete, whereas its gravity mains are 81.5 percent complete.

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The project, once complete, will eliminate intermittent water supply within the Lami and the Suva-Nausori corridors.

“Immediately, it will fill up the demand gap of $3 million, which we are expecting to operate our in-turn network. Basically, this project will take care of the issues related to the Lami and Suva-Nausori corridors.”

Majumter says the electricity upgrade that is part of the project costs $11 million.

The Viria Water Project includes a 40-megaliter water treatment plant, a pumping station, a reservoir, and a transmission main to connect the new water supply to our existing distribution system.