Tikoduadua intends to emphasize what people want

January 6, 2023 6:10 am

[File Photo]

The Minister for Home Affairs, Pio Tikoduadua, says he has been allocated a crippled ministry.

Tikoduadua says there is a greater role that people can play, and that’s what he would like to set.

He adds that going forward, it’s how the Fijian people, through the government, envision the future and how they want to place the security of children, and that’s how the Ministry has to structure itself.

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At the moment, Tikoduadua says it’s not quite set up like that.

“I have pretty much a crippled ministry; I would use that word. It is unlike any other ministry responsible for defence and security in any normal democracy where the government is led by civilians. Where there is a greater emphasis on what people want, and setting strategic directions for where we should go, it’s pretty limited in that regard, but that’s how it has been set up.”

Tikoduadua says it’s the political representation of the people through how they want to be governed and secured, and it is convened through the security forces and law enforcement agencies.

He adds that there needs to be a further outlook on how to give Fiji a secured future, for which they will have to fix the law and look at the opportunities where they can work better.