Thousands of dollars recovered in unpaid wages

April 18, 2024 12:54 pm

Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh

Thousands of dollars have been recovered by the Ministry of Employment in unpaid wages and benefits owed to workers in the last seven months.

Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh says the total recovery from 1st August 2023 to March 2024 stands at $660,000 which has been paid out to the workers through the efforts of the Ministry’s Compliance section.

Singh says the Ministry has over 600 cases before the Employment Relations Tribunal for adjudication where employers have failed to pay dues to workers and comply with the minimum standards.

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“By enforcing labour standards, we can combat exploitation, discrimination, and unfair labour practices that undermine the rights and dignity of workers. When we uphold labour laws, we uphold the values of justice, equality, and human rights for all individuals.”

Singh says the Ministry has conducted 2,017 labor compliance inspections in seven months, achieving 86 percent of the target set for the eight months, which was 2,336.

He also adds that the Ministry has resolved 746 labor complaints out of a total of 999 cases received from 2022 to March this year, achieving a settlement rate of 75 percent.

These complaints were due to the non-payment of wages due, annual leave, overtime, meal allowances, and maternity leave.

Singh stresses that compliance with labor laws is not just a legal obligation but a moral responsibility.

He says compliance with labor laws is essential for promoting social justice and equality in our society.