Taxi industry fails to provide financial information to allow fare review

June 10, 2023 12:57 pm

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission says there have been no changes to the current taxi fares as the industry has failed to provide the necessary financial information.

It says all taxi fares are regulated under the FCCC (Control of Fares and Charges for Public Service Vehicles) Order 2023 and that the Commission determines fare prices through a review process that includes input from relevant stakeholders, obtained via calls for submissions.

The FCCC says these submissions play a crucial role in providing necessary financial data and insights from the industry, allowing the FCCC to conduct a comprehensive review and ensure the fairness and sustainability of taxi fares.

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It says the FCCC has been requesting financial data from the taxi industry since May last year to conduct this review.

However, only 53 taxis provided the necessary financial information.

It says the lack of submissions hinders the FCCC’s ability to gather a comprehensive picture of the taxi industry’s financial landscape and properly assess the fare structure.

The FCCC says the final assessment of taxi fares takes into account the complete cost structure, not solely fuel costs, and without adequate data and insights, a thorough review cannot be undertaken.