Taskforce intensifies efforts to safeguard public against scams

January 12, 2024 2:32 pm

The Anti-Scam Taskforce is committed to equip every single individual, whether it is a business owner, consumer, a retired citizen, the working class and even students with the knowledge to recognize, report and avoid falling victims to scams.

The taskforce believes the first step in safeguarding oneself is being armed with verified and accurate knowledge.

The taskforce met yesterday and the key topics of discussion included scam detection, surveillance, strengthening institutional frameworks, legal reforms and targeted awareness.

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Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica says more awareness will be raised, to empower communities who are the most vulnerable.

Kamikamica says they are exploring technology measures in partnership with the telecommunication providers.

The Minister says the fraudsters are now targeting the parents who received $200 Back to School Assistance.

He says reports are being received by the members of the taskforce and investigations are underway.

He is pleading with the public to not share personal details, passwords, and sensitive information with anyone.

In the near future, the taskforce will work on strengthening the legislation and entering into partnership with Australia and New Zealand to increase competence and expertise to monitor and combat scams.