Takitaki lailai aims to help iTaukei youths

January 28, 2024 4:23 pm

iTaukei knowledge consultant Aisea Volavola

Practicing and learning traditional cultural practices can pose a significant challenge for today’s generation if knowledge is not shared or passed on to the next generation.

This has been highlighted by iTaukei knowledge consultant Aisea Volavola, who started an initiative to publish booklets called Takitaki Lailai as a guide to the concerning issue of learning and practicing traditional culture.

He says that the booklets serve as beginner guides to help individuals who are unfamiliar with Fijian traditional knowledge.

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“As I have been given that gift through people’s love, I dreamt of doing the same for my brothers and sisters in the iTaukei community who are still passionate about their culture.”

Volavola has so far published five volumes of Takitaki Lailai, covering practices and structures like sevusevu, duguci, reguregu, and veisiko.

He adds that for how specific clans do the sevusevu or the other protocols, that is where the young should go back and ask their grandparents or village elder since Takitaki Lailai is just a small light in the darkness.

While the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Permanent Secretary Pita Tagicakirewa is aware of this initiative, they have also advised those who might be using the resources to be mindful, as certain provinces have different practices.

“Like I said, language and culture belong to the Vanua, and rightly, the Vanua should be promoting them and passing them down to the younger generation. Here at the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, we facilitate workshops for that kind of engagement.”

The Takitaki Lailai editions have been getting positive responses from the public so far. This is coming in handy not only for the youth but also for those who work in villages and traditional communities.