SPX to set up a SME board

June 11, 2024 12:13 pm

The South Pacific Stock Exchange will be looking at the possibility of launching a Small and Medium Enterprise board.

This was highlighted by the Chief Executive Sheraj Obeyesekere during a press conference yesterday in Suva.

Obeyesekere states that SMEs in Fiji play a large role in the economy.

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[Chief Executive Sheraj Obeyesekere]

“Capital markets is an important funding source for SMEs and so we want to establish that and ensure that SPX has the required platform to engage SMEs in their growth.”

The CEO says that this idea is in its conceptual stage and will later set out regulations and protocols .

Obeyesekere says that they would ideally like for the SME’s to consider stock market and equity investments actively when they think of saving

The SPX understands that it will be a process for the businesses to get accustomed to what is usually perceived as a complex product.