SODELPA's review not a loss of faith in coalition

February 3, 2024 6:57 am

Coalition Government [File Photo]

The kingmaker in the 2022 General Election is ready to review the coalition agreement that led to the formation of the coalition government.

The review by the Social Democratic Liberal Party is expected to be carried out later this month during the party’s Management Board Meeting.

SODELPA General Secretary, Viliame Takayawa, says that this review is in no way meant to assert that SODELPA has lost faith in the coalition.

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SODELPA General Secretary, Viliame Takayawa 

Takayawa says this review is to assess the progress of what was agreed upon by the three parties.

“This review is from our side; like what has been done over the last three months and what has been fulfilled, it’s more like an update on the coalition agreement.”

Takayawa hints that the board may discuss the alleged breach in the dismissal of Aseri Radrodro from the Cabinet but affirms the party’s support for the coalition.

“That is something that we will discuss there, but like the party leader has mentioned, we are wanting to work things out until the end of this term of this coalition government.”

PA Deputy Leader Manoa Kamikamica

People’s Alliance Deputy Leader Manoa Kamikamica says there is a channel to be followed.

“If there is a desire to review the agreement, that is something they have to bring through their structure and have the appropriate conversation with the three parties. That agreement was done at a time when we were really trying to form government, and now that we have formed government, maybe there are areas we’d like to look at and SODELPA would like to look at, but again, that has to come through a formal channel.”

The coalition agreement was drafted by the People’s Alliance and National Federation Party, and it was only agreed upon when SODELPA deemed it fitting.

The kingmaker assured its support for the coalition and is constantly meeting to ensure that what was promised to them is being fulfilled by their partners.