Seven percent reduction in crime rate

January 15, 2023 11:58 am

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The Fiji Police Force’s 2022 Annual Crime Key Performance Overall Crime Indicator recorded a seven percent reduction in crime rates.

This reduction has been largely attributed to the support of all Fijians and law enforcement partners through various Community Policing efforts.

Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says the 2022 policing year has been a busy one, where the Force has been focused on health security, overall national security operations with the hosting of regional and international meetings and the year ending with the General Election and festive season.

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Qiliho says the proactive policing posture adopted during December has also resulted in the overall reduction of crime by 16%.

[Source: Fiji Police Force / Facebook]

He adds the 42% increase in the number of illicit drug cases registered, is a reflection of the joint efforts between police and the community in tackling this illegal trade.

However, Qiliho says there are still concerns about a few crimes which recorded increases within the Divisions last month.

The Southern Division recorded increases in reports of rape and attempted rape as 19 cases were recorded when compared to five in 2021 and an increase in reports of alleged defilement of persons between 13-16 years.

There were two cases of defilement compared to none in 2021.

[Source: Fiji Police Force / Facebook]

Theft of motor vehicles also recorded an increase with three cases last year compared to none in 2021.

The Western Division recorded an increase in murder cases. There were three cases in 2022 compared to one in 2021.

The Division also recorded an increase in aggravated robberies. There were nine such cases compared to since in 2021.

The West also recorded an increase in arson and setting fire to crop cases and five theft of motor vehicle cases were also recorded.

The Eastern Division recorded increases in rape and attempted rape cases from 0 in 2021 to seven in 2022, an increase in aggravated robbery cases from one in 2021 to seven in 2022, and increases in burglary and theft of motor vehicle cases

[Source: Fiji Police Force / Facebook]

The Northern Division recorded an increase in burglary cases of 17 in 2022 compared to eight in 2021.

The Central Division recorded increases in the theft of motor vehicle cases.

There were three cases last year compared to one for the previous year.

Qiliho says the Force cannot fight crime alone.

Brigadier General Qiliho acknowledged the general populace, Government, stakeholders and law enforcement partners who have through various arms assisted in the proactive policing under the Duavata Community Policing initiative in achieving the overall reduction in crime in 2022 operational year.

While more detailed information will be released in the Fiji Police Force’s 2022 Annual Report, the Commissioner says it is only right to acknowledge the support of all partners, and they hope to maintain the same momentum this year.

He adds the show of support over the years is also reflected in the annual five-year trend recording a steady decline from 2017 to 2021.