Self-treatment of eye infections is risky

January 10, 2024 7:00 am

The Health Ministry has raised concerns over self-treatment of eye diseases and infections by the use of herbal leaves, as the CWM Hospital Eye Clinic records over one case on a weekly basis.

CWM Hospital Eye Clinic Head Dr Luisa Cikamatana says they are encouraging patients to seek medical help as there have been incidents where people have lost their vision in such incidents.

“We’ve had people do that, and they’ve come with bad infections, and they’ve lost their eyes. We can only try and treat the infection and try and preserve whatever is left behind, but they’ve gone blind, and that’s what we want to prevent.”

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Dr Cikamatana is also discouraging patients from using rose water, breast milk, and honey in affected eyes, as most patients are seen using these alternatives before seeking medical attention.

She adds that this option tends to make eye conditions even worse.