Schools embrace 'Adopt a Ship' Program

March 12, 2024 12:25 pm

[File Photo]

The Women in Maritime Association of Fiji has taken a proactive step towards generating interest in young people to pursue a career in the maritime sector.

Given that the Pacific is surrounded by water, the association is aware that interest in this field is still an issue.

President Jane Koi says for this reason they have launched the ‘Adopt a Ship Program’, pioneered by three schools in the Eastern Division.

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Koi says the initiative is designed to promote collaboration, cultural exchange, and support for maritime operations in the Pacific, providing education benefits for all children to explore careers in the maritime industry.

She says the program will connect classrooms to ships.

“Through this initiative, the “Adopt a Ship” program, we are looking to bridge that skills gap and generate interest for the young people to look at maritime as a potential career opportunity, as well as create environmental awareness and bridge the gender gaps that we are currently facing in our country.”

Koi says more than 700 schools are the focus of the program.

The pioneering participants of the initiative are St. Annes Primary, Marist Brothers Primary School, and Gospel Primary School.