Schools closed due to adverse weather conditions

March 20, 2024 8:25 am

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority/Facebook]

All schools around the country will be closed today due to heavy continuous rainfall, landslides in some areas, and inaccessible roads leading to some of the schools.

Permanent Secretary for Education Selina Kuruleca says they have made the decision in consultation with the NDMO.

Kuruleca says schools are also being activated as evacuation centres, and the Fiji Police are closely monitoring the situation.

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She states that the predicted heavy rainfall will also lead to rough seas and difficulty moving around.

The PS adds that heads of schools are expected to keep in contact with the district and divisional education offices.

Meanwhile, all Fiji National University campuses will be closed today, given the recent announcements by the Fiji Government regarding the current adverse weather conditions.

Lecturers and course coordinators must liaise closely with all students regarding their classes.

All staff are required to Work from Home and liaise with their supervisors.

Students and staff are reminded to take precautionary measures and adhere to all weather advisories periodically issued by the Fiji Meteorological Services Office and the National Disaster Management Office.

Those in low-lying and flood-prone areas are advised to evacuate during daylight if required and know your evacuation centres, emergency contacts and disaster preparedness plans. A

All staff are required to work closely with respective Campus Emergency Response teams.

Furthermore, the University of the South Pacific DISMAC Committee has directed the closure of the USP Fiji campuses and centres today.

Non-essential services staff are requested to work from home and course coordinators are requested to contact their students for affected classes.

All staff and students should keep themselves updated with the latest advisories from the Fiji Metrological Service.