Riverbank protection work underway

January 13, 2024 12:14 pm

After five years of persistent pleas, residents of Matanisivaro settlement in Lami will now benefit from essential riverbank protection.

The project is underway, led by the Ministry of Waterways as the government has allocated $3.8 million for the protection of river streams across Fiji with the initial project commenced in Qauia, Lami.

41-year-old resident Solomon Miller says this initiative aims to address concerns about soil erosion experienced within the community.

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“But due to flooding and natural causes, our footpath was broken down. We are so thankful to the government of the day, together with the minister and the Ministry of Waterways, for providing us with this barrier as a retaining wall. It benefits us a lot, especially with the access roads, which are 4 meters wide and accessible to hospitals, especially for the elderly.”

Acting Director of the Ministry of Waterways, Livai Takali, highlights the benefits of infrastructure development.

“This is the main access road to school for students and for those who are working as government workers and also for companies, as well as for those who are going to hospitals and some other emergency areas.”

The Ministry of Waterways states that the project has a positive socio-economic impact, providing employment opportunities for youths in the settlements.