Revenue collection on track says Prasad

April 9, 2024 4:36 pm

Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad has affirmed that the government remains on course in terms of revenue collection for the ongoing fiscal year.

Responding to queries regarding revenue collection in the initial three months, Prasad highlighted the commitment to the mid-term fiscal strategy.

Prasad also emphasized revenue generation and strategic expenditure aimed at enhancing the quality of life of all Fijians.

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The Finance Minister says the government is in the process of getting budget submissions.

“We are confident that our strategy that we put out in the last budget is working very well; we have seen that work very well. Of course, we are now in the process of consulting and receiving submissions, and you will be hearing about that shortly.”

Prasad expresses optimism for the strategies that are employed to consolidate revenue collections.

“For the government, it is to continue with our fiscal consolidation strategy, which means that we not only focus on collecting enough revenue but also make sure that we spend that revenue in areas where we can improve the services and quality of life for our people.”

Regarding revenue management, Prof. Prasad has assured that the government is committed in its effort to enhance and sustain revenue collection.