Return of Fijians to boost economic activity

March 9, 2023 7:32 am

The coalition government is making sure that anyone who was unfairly and illegally prevented from entering the country can do so now.

Acting Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica confirms that the late Professor Brij Lal and his family were not the only ones forced to live outside of Fiji after being denied entry.

Kamikamica says the return of other banned persons is also expected to boost economic activity, as most are showing interest in investing in the economy.

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The coalition government recognizes the mistakes of their predecessor that led to many not being able to enter Fiji, and Kamikamica says the Rabuka administration is ensuring a safe passage is created for their return.

“It’s a great time for our country to start seeing some of our best and brightest decide to come back into Fiji. I think that’s a positive spin I’d like to put on it. We have a wealth of knowledge and people in our diaspora that had been set aside purely because the government decided they were not worthy to set foot into the country.”

Kamikamica says some of the exiled Fijians are showing interest in growing the economy.

“They are now coming back and as Minister for Trade I am seeing some of them bringing back significant or genuine investment back into Fiji.”

Kamikamica says the returning Fijians are welcomed with open arms. He says their contribution to the economy is just as important as any other investor.