Retailers anticipate boost in uniform sales

January 24, 2024 4:15 pm

Suva retailers are experiencing a notable uptick in customer demand as the upcoming school period approaches.

CK Suva Bargain Center Manager Jitesh Patel says they’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks, as they anticipate a surge in school-related shopping in the following days.

“Sales is good for the last few weeks since government child help scheme incentive, since the money has been distributed sales has been good and steady and one thing we can see is that people are using the money wisely and buying the things they need for their child to go back to school.”

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Infashion’s Manager Suresh Maisuria says the shop is noticing an average demand by customers and is expecting more school uniform purchases by the end of the week.

“Some more people are coming next week because we have more stock and more varieties and good prices and good quality.”

Meanwhile, Tau sports Managers Vinesh Deo says they are facing stiff competition during this year’s back to school shopping.

“Sales has been dropped this year due to plenty companies have opened their shops so since this year the sales have dropped.”

As parents continue to flock to town for their children’s uniforms, these managers play a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and staying ahead in the ever-shifting retail environment.