Proposed multi-ethnic framework for new ministry

March 8, 2024 12:50 pm

Multi-Ethnic Affairs Minister, Charan Jeath Singh today received a completed policy report on the multi-ethnic framework.

Singh says the Ministry established by the coalition government in 2023, had two consultants from the New Zealand government to develop the proposed framework.

Singh says this initiative aims to revitalize the Ministry after a lapse of 13 years.

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Singh explains the consultants conducted over 40 consultations across Fiji last year to gather insights on the desired structure and functions of the new ministry.

“Over the past two weeks, Dr Prasad and Mr Nand had revisited and re-engaged with the diverse groups of stakeholders across Fiji who were consulted initially from last year. From senior government officials to cover religion, and academics, to district advisory counsellors, and representatives from faith-based organizations, to members of the legal fraternity.The consultations have been comprehensive and nothing should have existed. These engagements were not just about disciplinary, disseminating objectives, but for fostering a collaborative dialogue, where stakeholders shared the invaluable sites and visions for our ministry.”

The proposed framework will be tabled to the cabinet for analysis and approval.

Singh emphasizes the importance of this framework in guiding the Ministry’s efforts towards fostering inclusivity and harmony among Fiji’s diverse ethnic communities.