Promoting environmental sustainability

March 21, 2024 12:00 pm

Tourism Fiji Chief Operating Officer Leigh Howard

Tourism Fiji has teamed up with the Pacific Recycling Foundation to support waste recycling programs in an effort to improve environmental sustainability and protect Fiji’s natural beauty.

This collaboration demonstrates the tourism industry’s dedication to environmental preservation, which is essential to the industry’s economic viability as well as the well-being of future generations.

Tourism Fiji Chief Operating Officer Leigh Howard highlights the value of Fiji’s natural assets, which are major attractions for tourists, including the beautiful beaches, blue skies, and rich cultural legacy.

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Howard stresses the importance of fulfilling promises to safeguard the environment, highlighting that the country’s natural wonders are not just a backdrop for tourism but also a primary motivation for travellers choosing Fiji as their destination.

“Fiji’s tourism relies heavily on the preservation of our environment. Our green forests, clean oceans, and diverse marine life are not only the backdrop of unforgettable experiences but also the very reason why travellers travel to Fiji. Therefore, the critical importance of environmental sustainability cannot be overstated.”

Howard believes this is not just a choice, it is really important for the future of the tourism industry.

Ali stresses the importance of keeping our environment clean and safe if we want the tourism industry to survive in the long run.