Plans to remove derelict vessels

January 4, 2024 12:50 pm

[File Photo]

The work towards the removal of derelicts and abandoned vessels in ports and waters around Fiji is expected to begin this year.

This has been highlighted by the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji Chief Executive Joeli Cawaki stating that it is a breach of environmental laws to have derelict vessels on our waters and ports.

He says that ever since taking office, a good number of abandoned vessels have been identified including yachts in Savusavu and two bauxite vessels in Navakasiga, Bua.

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“So I have talked to the CEO of the Port Authority and will also pursue that further with the environment and the other maritime stakeholders for us to form a committee on the issue because it’s a nuisance and also a breach of our environmental law to have derelicts around our waters. We need to clear those, and it’s an issue that we will pursue further this year.”

Cawaki adds that MSAF is also looking at forming a committee that will look into the issue of derelict and abandoned vessels.