Plans outlined for sustainable land management

March 16, 2024 7:16 am

Minister for Lands Filimoni Vosarogo highlighted the crucial role of agriculture in Fiji’s economy, emphasizing its importance for both food security and export income.

While responding to the President’s speech, Vosarogo highlighted that the Ministry prioritizes retaining as much agricultural land as possible.

Vosarogo says he has challenged the Ministry this year to sustainably utilize every inch of land under their responsibility for residential, development, integrated, or otherwise.

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“The importance of agriculture as the backbone of our economy for both food security and exports cannot be overstated. In alignment with this vision and to contribute to the diversification of the economy, as well as the generation of income for both rural Fijians and commercial agricultural investments, the Ministry remains steadfast in its commitment.”

Minister for Lands Filimoni Vosarogo

Vosarogo says they will continue to promote land use.

“We will continue to ensure that all state agricultural land is provided to only those who will plant on it and help maximize its returns to benefit not only their individual households but the nation as a whole. Increased collaboration amongst agencies has been reignited with the objective of maximizing agricultural opportunities as a tool to alleviate poverty.”

Vosarogo says the Ministry, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, has started its cluster meetings to work in partnership to retain as much agricultural land as possible.