Plans in place for sustainable government infrastructure

March 21, 2024 4:35 pm

[Source: Ba Town Council/Facebook]

The high frequency of natural disasters fueled by climate change greatly affects infrastructure costing the government millions of dollars.

Ministry of Finance Head of the Strategic Planning Kamal Gounder says it is therefore crucial for all government agencies to proper plan infrastructure that are resilient to climate change.

Gounder says with this also contributes to socio-economic issues that could face by vulnerable Fijians especially those living in maritime islands.

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“The intensity of natural disasters that we have been experiencing have increased over the years with each leaving damages to infrastructure valuing into billions of dollars. Also this experiences have left the nation with significant financial indication, it has also given us valuable lesson that we can learn and move forward.”

Gounder says that this will allow government agencies to ensure that all capital projects now consider climate and resilient infrastructure element.

The Ministry of Finance is closely working with relevant government agencies to ensure that all government infrastructure are resilient to withstand climate change.