Organizational restructure planned for SCC

February 2, 2024 6:35 am

Suva City Council

The review of the organizational structure, financial management, staff recruitment, and training is some of the immediate areas that are being looked at by the Suva City Council’s Special Administrators Chair, Tevita Boseiwaqa.

The Chair says during his first month in the office he has identified these key areas that needs improvement first, that will help them lift the standard of services provided by the council.

Boseiwaqa says they are exploring a clear path forward, and to attain their goals, it is essential to identify and address any existing gaps.

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“We have challenges that need to be addressed very quickly within the institution, within the council. And that has to do with proper planning, strategic planning and also with good financial management, etc.”

Boseiwaqa emphasizes the importance of basing decisions on on-the-ground evidence and adhering to standard operating procedures for sound decision-making.

“What I saw during the briefs is the need to be updated with the reports, the audit reports, and the annual reports. And we need to look at some areas that may be loopholes which need to be quickly addressed, those gaps.”

The Chair states it’s necessary to streamline various departments and hire additional staff to promptly address the council’s immediate needs.

He says they have advertised for positions in garbage collection, street cleaning and enforcement.

Boseiwaqa highlights that through his interactions with the staff, he has observed that there is a need to examine the work ethics of the council’s personnel.

He emphasizes that the City Council plans to hire a training officer to assist the staff in becoming more acquainted with their roles.