Ono youths plant mangroves to save coastline

February 12, 2024 5:43 am

[Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports FIJI/ Facebook]

The youths of Ono District in Kadavu recently participated in a coast care program to promote the importance of community involvement in preserving and taking pride in their seashore.

The program, organized by Petero Uluinaceva, the advisor and World Wildlife Fund representative in Ono, saw the planting of mangroves on the seafront of Naqara village.

The program, which involved 30 participants, aimed to empower the youth and raise awareness about the significance of their environment in the face of climate change.

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[Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports FIJI/ Facebook]

Uluinaceva emphasized the need for the participants to be mindful of their surroundings and encouraged them to take action to protect their coastal areas.

These youths demonstrated their commitment to environmental conservation by actively engaging in the planting of mangroves.

This initiative helps protect the coastline from erosion and provides a habitat for various marine species.