No more kerosene stoves for Labasa restaurants

March 15, 2024 12:30 pm

The Labasa Town Council has decided to ban restaurants within the town from using kerosene stoves.

Special Administrator Paul Jaduram revealed the decision to FBC News as the Council pursues the safety of the town from the imminent threat of fire that can result from the use of kerosene stoves.

Jaduram says the board has identified that major commercial restaurant fires in Labasa in the past were caused by the use of kerosene stoves.

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“Mainly in the commercial kitchen, they were using a kerosene stove for cooking. I’m not in favour of the kerosene stove but have now adapted that we will not allow any kitchen to be using the kerosene stove on that matter.”

Jaduram says the plan is for all commercial kitchens in town to only use gas stoves, provided the gas cylinder is well stored and secured in a proper place.

The National Fire Authority of Fiji Chief Executive, Poamau Sowane, has also stated that, based on their record, the majority of the structural fires in Fiji are caused by the use of kerosene stoves.