Natural Disaster

More than 400 evacuation centers on standby for the West

November 14, 2023 12:54 pm

Evacuation centre in Nadi

As Tropical Cyclone Mal advances towards the Fiji group, the Western Division has 459 evacuation centres on standby, ready to accommodate those in need of shelter.

Commissioner Western Apolosi Lewaqai says of these evacuation centres, a significant 70 percent are established within schools, demonstrating a community-wide effort to provide safe havens for those who may be affected by the impending cyclone.

Lewaqai emphasizes the importance of readiness and notes that emergency operation centres were activated as of yesterday to streamline coordination efforts.

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He says the message has been clear: be well-prepared and do not get caught out.

With schools closed for two days in anticipation of the cyclone, Commissioner Western is calling on parents to take extra precautions and closely monitor their children.

“For our families, parents, we note that there will be no school for the next two days. We ask that you please monitor and supervise your children. And for the general public for those that are in the low-lying areas, we kindly request you to please start moving while it’s still daylight.”

In the event of any assistance being required, residents are encouraged to reach out to the designated operation centres.

Commissioner Lewaqai reassures the public that all emergency response teams are on standby, ready to mobilize and provide aid as needed.

Two evacuation centers in the West are now open and people have taken shelter in them.