Narcotics court to expedite drug cases

May 17, 2024 5:10 pm

[File Photo]

Setting up the narcotics court will fast-track all the drug cases that are currently pending.

Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew says most of the cases now are taken to court, but they are bailed and continue to re-offend.

Chew says they support the setting up of the narcotics court as it may streamline and fast-track the process, and people can be convicted and taken into prison.

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“This drug court will be specifically for drug offences. Most of the cases now we take them to court they are bailed and they continue to re-offend and the vicious cycle continues, Police going do the arrest then it goes back.”

Attorney General Siromi Turaga says some of the court cases can last for seven, eight, nine, or even more years.

Turaga says the Acting Chief Justice has taken steps to ensure the judiciary officers are accountable for the cases they have.

However, he adds that at the end of the month, there are statistics on the pending cases.

Meanwhile, United Nations Office on Drug and Crime Country Manager Collie Brown says the resources in terms of technical assistance are there for the formation of the court.

Brown says UNODC is ready to provide support to facilitate further conversations around the establishment of the court.