Municipalities encouraged to upgrade parks

June 20, 2024 12:35 pm

[Source: Suva City Council/ Facebook]

The Local Government Ministry is working with the various municipalities to ensure that public parks and amenities are kept in good condition.

This was highlighted by Minister Maciu Nalumisa during the Municipal Council’s Chief Executives forum yesterday.

Nalumisa says that municipal councils have been asked to invest and appropriately use their grounds.

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[Source: Suva City Council/ Facebook]

“And that’s something that I’m also encouraging our special administrators, as well as all the municipal councils, to upgrade their parks, as well as use some of the open spaces that have not been utilised as parks right now.”

Nalumisa adds that Nasinu Town Council is taking the lead in installing proper facilities in their parks.

[Minister for local government Maciu Nalumisa]

He states that in the next few months, other municipalities can hopefully take the cue from Nasinu in upgrading their parks and spaces.