Ministry system causes delay in filling of titles

April 1, 2023 4:50 pm

I-Taukei Affairs Minister Ifereimi Vasu

One of the causes of delay in the filling of the vacant chiefly titles is the Ministry of i-Taukei and its system.

This was revealed by I-Taukei Affairs Minister Ifereimi Vasu, who says that he is referring to its legislation, its organization, and its processes, to name a few.

3322 vacant seats out of the 6230 titles are currently vacant, and Vasu highlights the reason for the delay.

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“The fundamental issue for the for the commission which in a big way contributed to the delay in filling of vacant titles is the institution as a whole, I’m referring to the legislation, the organization, the system, the process and the human resources.”

Vasu says the Ministry of ITaukei Affairs through its programmes are also training people who will take up the position as part of their Sausauvou ni Vanua initaitive

The Ministry is currently working on drafting the regulation to make the process of filling up the chiefly titles more efficient