Methodist church embraces change

January 7, 2024 7:24 am

Church President, Reverend Dr. Semisi Turagavou

The Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma is preparing for a major change in its approach to preaching, evangelism, and community outreach to best suit the evolving younger generation.

Church President, Reverend Dr. Semisi Turagavou says the Methodist leadership understand that in order to effectively engage the younger generation and the larger community, it has to change and revitalize its methods.

Reverend Turagavou has emphasized how critical it is to address the evolving nature of evangelism and worship.

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“How can we demonstrate the word, get the word on the ground and let the people see, oh that’s the right message, the right messenger is preaching the right message.”

Fiji Council of Social Services Executive Director Vani Catanasiga believes incredible progress can be made in reducing social challenges if the groundwork has already been laid.

“I’m very confident that if they did that work, if they decided to work together to just drive those key messages from the pulpit, from temples, and from mosques, we would be seeing a different Fiji by the end of 2024.”

As the church embraces this opportunity for change, the leaders are optimistic that their efforts will result in a more dynamic and impactful ministry that meets the spiritual needs of the young generation.