Labasa residents’ excited with airport upgrade plans

January 6, 2024 7:37 am

The residents of Labasa, especially local businesses, are thrilled about the upcoming upgrade of the airport.

As investments and economic activities continue to thrive in the Friendly North, the enhanced airport infrastructure is expected to draw even more investors to the division.

Sugar Minister, Charan Jeath Singh, says the building plans have been approved and Fiji Airports will now invite tenders.

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“In the next couple of weeks, the tender’s going to be approved and then the terminal construction starts. It will take six months to get it off the ground.”

Airport taxi driver, Simione Qolivakarua who has been serving at the airport for many years is looking forward to an increase in passenger traffic.

“It is great, we’ve heard about it. It will really help us a lot, if the airport is going to be upgraded. Relatives who come to send their loved ones away cannot go into the terminal because of overcrowding.”

66-year-old Suresh Prasad says this will increase their income.

“It will be very good if they upgrade the airport. Good in our business wise. It will be very good.”

Meanwhile work on Labasa Airport’s runway will begin on May 6th and continue until June 16th and the airport will be partially closed from 10am to 3pm for six weeks.

The Airport will be fully operational outside these times.