FOFH conducts surgeries

March 13, 2023 4:18 pm

[Source: Facebook]

Friends of Fiji Health has conducted 20 hysteroscopic myomectomy surgeries at the Labasa Hospital.

This surgery treats fibroids and help preserves the uterus.

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the uterus, it affects women’s ability to conceive and causes difficulty during pregnancy or childbirth.

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Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Doctor Sunil Pillay says they would like to introduce the procedure in Fiji as it is a minimal invasive surgery.

“This year’s visit is to actually facilitate a day-step procedure where the womb is saved. So, we would be concentrating on the benign causes of abnormal uterine bleeding … where previously hysterectomy would be the answer, but now we are able to do a minimal invasive surgery.”

Dr Pillay says they also provided training on the procedure to local medical professionals.

FOFH donated $85,000 worth of hysteroscopy and CPR equipment to the Labasa Hospital.

It also donated $30,700 for the upgrade of three health centers in Savusavu; with the supply of solar power systems, refrigerators and medical equipment.

Friends of Fiji Health is a New Zealand based charity organization, established in 2010 by former Fiji citizens who are health and business professionals.