Concerns mount over traditional medicine use on infants

February 2, 2024 12:54 pm

CWM Hospital

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Pediatrics Department has raised concerns about the use of traditional medicine on infants, emphasizing potential risks to the infants’ health and well-being.

Dr. Raynold Waisale, a paediatrician at the hospital, highlighted the issue, expressing worry about the compatibility of some traditional medicines with infants’ immune systems.

Dr. Waisale explained that certain traditional medicines may not align with the delicate immune systems of infants, posing potential risks that could increase infant mortality rates.

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“This is an issue we have been facing, some infants cannot process these kinds of traditional medicines as some are very strong. This is an issue as some parents bring their infants to hospital after seeing that traditional medicine can no longer cure their babies’ sickness.”

Paediatrician Dr. Raynold Waisale 

He urged parents and caregivers to prioritize seeking medical attention at hospitals whenever infants are ill.

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Pediatrics Department aims to raise awareness about the importance of evidence-based medical care for infants and to discourage the exclusive reliance on traditional remedies that may lack scientific validation.