Gavoka stands firm

April 17, 2024 4:37 pm

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Viliame Gavoka

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Viliame Gavoka says he is not in a position to comply with the directive of the Social Democratic Liberal Party Management Board.

The SODELPA Board had given Gavoka the ultimatum to relinquish the portfolio of Education Minister and make way for the party’s new leader, Aseri Radrodro, to resume the role.

This afternoon, Gavoka responded to the demand.

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Gavoka is seemingly adhering to the response of Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, who says that the former SODELPA leader will remain as Education Minister as the SODELPA Board has no say in who becomes the Minister.

Gavoka says the move by the SODELPA Board is unreasonable, and he states that someone who is not in his right state of mind would ask for this as he himself is not in a position to do it.

He adds he is stunned by the level of desperation shown by his party.

“There may be a few players, and I am not aware of them. And what really worries me is a sense of desperation that I now see in the party. Someone is very desperate. You know, and I tell you, the populace, the voters, they are not going to take kindly to that.”

Gavoka also reveals that the intention was there for the SODELPA board to reinstate Radrodro as Education Minister.

The SODELPA parliamentary leader admitted that a plea was made to the Prime Minister for Radrodro’s reinstatement, but the PM declined their request.

“We spoke with him, but he made a decision. And he said, look, this is the way it’s going to be. And let’s see how things develop. And we left it at that. I’m surprised they said that; I don’t ever remember being told to relinquish the position of Minister of Education.”

Meanwhile, the SODELPA Board has also stated that Gavoka will face suspension if he fail to adhere to the demand.

SODELPA will hold its annual general meeting this Saturday.