Gavoka commends significant growth of tourism

June 21, 2024 6:16 am

Tourism has significantly grown over the last 30 years; with around 300,000 visitor arrivals 1993 to over 900,000 visitor arrivals in 2023.

Minister, Viliame Gavoka says this is the highest number of visitor-arrival ever recorded, while tourism contributed around $3.2 billion to the economy.

Gavoka emphasizes the necessity to develop tourism to its full potential, enabling both the current and future generations to benefit from it.

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“The tourism sector holds huge promise for our country, given most of our sectors are not performing as well. Ten years later, we are more than committed to working together, since tourism not only prospers on its own, but uplifts other sectors.”

Gavoka says at the current rate of operation, Fiji is confident of achieving one million visitor-arrival this year which will break the record in the country.

He says they have set a target to achieve around 3 million visitor-arrival by 2034, while promoting equitable opportunities for Fijians and safeguarding the environment.

The Tourism Minister says the recently launched National Sustainable Tourism Framework will guide efforts to enhance tourism, but a whole-of-society support is needed to ensure that effectiveness of the 10-year framework.