Fuel and LPG prices to decrease

February 1, 2024 6:35 am

Good news for motorists as the prices for fuel and LPG products will decrease from today.

The price of motor spirit will decrease by 12 cents and cost $2.80 per litre.

The premix price will decrease by 11 cents and from $2.73 per litre it will cost $2.62 from today, while diesel will cost $2.50, a decrease in price by 11 cents as well.

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Kerosene will sell at $1.96 per litre from today, a decrease of eight cents.

The prices of LPG products are also decreasing.

A 4.5kg cylinder will cost $15.58, a decrease of two cents.

A 12kg cylinder will retail at $41.55, a decrease of five cents, while there has been no change in bulk gas price and it will cost $3.21.

There is no change in the price of autogas and it will sell at $2.25.

Trade Minister, Manoa Kamikamica says they are pleased that the prices are reducing further in February.

Kamikamica says this essentially reflects the government’s commitment to minimize the financial burden and provide relief to all Fijian families.