France and Fiji forge reciprocal volunteering partnership

December 6, 2023 12:22 pm

Fijians will now access a unique volunteer program that seeks to fortify the relationship between France and Fiji.

French Ambassador to Fiji, Francois Xavier Leger says this initiative will facilitate a reciprocal exchange of volunteers and establish a platform for cultural exchange and shared learning experiences.

The French Ambassador highlighted the essence of exchange and how it can foster a global community built on shared knowledge, skills, and values.

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“I think we come here to learn, and we can also send some Fijian volunteers to France to learn and to teach us also what they can bring to us in terms of skills, knowledge, and in terms of values.”

French Ambassador to Fiji, Francois Xavier Leger

Volunteer Service Abroad member Mary Bollen emphasized the transformative power inherent in each individual to effect positive change.

“Ready to be filled with the experiences, relationships, and learnings that you gather as you meet new people and engage with new communities, and to me, this analogy is really fitting as there’s always a two-way exchange of sharing and learning when it comes to volunteering”

Through volunteer collaboration, France and Fiji are able to support each other’s growth and create a worldwide community where people from all origins work together for the common good.