Formalization of Melanesian informal settlements

October 2, 2023 7:28 am

The Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, Sakiusa Tubuna [Source: Fiji Government]

The Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, Sakiusa Tubuna, assured Fijians of Melanesian descendants that the coalition government is working on formalizing all Melanesian informal settlements.

Tubuna was part of the auspicious occasion charting a way forward for the new era of the Melanesian community in Fiji by launching the project of formalizing Melanesian descendants’ settlement in Fiji.

Tubuna says that the Coalition Government is committed to enhancing the social and economic condition of the Melanesian descendants.

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“The government will continue to address the injustice inflicted upon the iTaukei people in the last decade, and amongst that is the addressing mechanism for the Fijians of Melanesian descendants who have called Fiji their home and have been integrating into different communities throughout Fiji.”

Tubuna is urging Melanesian descendants to work with the government to address their concerns on land security, community disintegration, livelihood opportunities, and escalating poverty in their communities.

Tubuna says that Melanesian ancestors have contributed significantly to Fiji’s development over the years, and their legacy is intertwined with Fiji’s history at every turn.