Food and nutrition policy is vital: Seruiratu

May 27, 2024 4:07 pm

Leader of the opposition Inia Seruiratu, has raised the issue of food and nutrition security.

Responding to the statement made by the Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu in parliament last week, Seruiratu says that the government fails to work on the security of food and nutrition, even though the policy was drafted in 2017.

“I have talked about food and nutrition security, I keep asking about the Food and Nutrition Security Policy that was drafted way back in 2017 but still has not made its way even perhaps to Cabinet.”

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Seruiratu believes that food and nutrition security is a very important document given our commitment to FAO in Rome in 2016.

The Leader of Opposition is encouraging the government to work on the food and nutrition security policy, as it is a very important document if we want to fight poverty and enhance the agricultural sector in Fiji.